Get Ready for Hyperrealist Sun Glare

Women with sunglasses by Simon Hennessey
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Simon Hennessey’s painted portraits are all about the details, it’s like he is doing a forensic study of each facial mark—every dot, line, and smudge. And although his work is categorized as photo-realist, he doesn’t necessarily replicate the faces exactly from his picture references. He explains: “I do not adhere to a true mimetic depiction of a photograph, I use the camera only as a source to assist me with gathering information. My process of adding or removing detail, altering depth, adding textures, form and colour values and their relationship within the painting, allows me to create an illusion of a reality not seen in any photographic source.” [1]

Painting of Man with sunglasses by Simon Hennessey
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Blue-green eye, painting by Simon Hennessey Hyperrealist painting of woman with glasses by Studio picture
1. "Biography." Retrieved on June 19th, 2013.

Artwork and photo © Simon Hennessey

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Adriana de Barros

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