Silver Sunrise

Sunrise by Yvette depaepe

Photographer Yvette Depaepe woke up to this beautiful sunrise in Nepal (see above). The image looks almost like a CG rendering for a movie backdrop. The majority of her pictures are in black and white, and if taken in color, she often converts to greyscale. She is passionate about landscape photography and has traveled the world to obtain amazing shots. “Traveling not only means new horizons. It also means experiencing deeper emotions. I capture these emotions in my images, which give them much more meaning than just being a recording of a landscape, a tree, a waterfall, the sea, [1] states Depaepe.

Mushroom by Yvette depaepe Sea by Yvette depaepe
Flowers by Yvette depaepe Light on striped field by Yvette depaepe Person underwater looks like horse by Yvette depaepe
1. "About Me." Retrieved on June 17th, 2013.

Photos © Yvette Depaepe
Adriana de Barros

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