The Cracker La-Z-Boy by Domenic Bahmann

Cracker couch by Domenic Bahmann
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When Domenic Bahmann was growing up he usually didn’t want to eat his vegetables, so he would play with them instead. Now that he is an adult, you’d think he moved on from this, but he is still playing with food as you can see in his latest photographic series shown here. From the McDonald’s logo made from yellow and red peppers, to a girl with carrot legs that resembles the one on movie poster “Innocence,” Bahmann uses his imagination to create fun images.

Skirt and carrot legs by Domenic Bahmann Octopus banana by Domenic Bahmann
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MCDonalds Pepper by Domenic Bahmann Sydney Opera made with orange and banana by Domenic Bahmann Zuchinni Sinking Ship by Domenic Bahmann
Photos © Domenic Bahmann

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