Light Painting: Dinos, Aliens, and Skaters

T-Rex Dinosaur light painting by Darius Twin
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California based illustrator Darren Pearson (a.k.a. Darius Twin) is constantly scouting for locations to execute his light paintings. He works by night using a flashlight and camera set for long-exposure. And his final images are what you see here, without any digital montaging. Pearson’s work is currently being sold as paper and canvas prints at Etsy.

Skeleton on Skateboard in LA. Light painting by Darius Twin Two aliens on purple ground. Light painting by Darius Twin
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Light painting of angel in bleachers by Darius Twin Skeletons camping, light painting by Darius Twin Skeletons doing handstand. Light painting by Darius Twin Light painting of Angel in LA. By Darius Twin
Photos © Darius Twin

Via Light Painting Photography

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