Five Spectacular Firework Photos

international fireworks #2 by David Nightingale
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Annual pyrotechnic shows are popular in most countries, and this isn’t including the ones held on New Year’s Eve. From Iceland to Thailand, colorful explosions will fill the night skies creating magical and celestial atmospheres.

David Nightingale’s picture from the annual International Fireworks competition held in Blackpool, United Kingdom.
Once a year there is a firework-show at Jökulsárlón.  By Oscar Bjarna
A photo by Oscar Bjarna at the annual light show in Jokulsarlon, Iceland.
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Fireworks by Pierre Meunier
An image by Pierre Meunier taken at Lake Biel in Switzerland.
 Phra Nakhon Khiri Fireworks
A photo captured at Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park in Phetchaburi, Thailand. By Puchong Pannoi.
Perth Australia day skyshow 2013
Ph!tographer’s takes this picture during the “Australia Day Skyshow 2013” in Perth.
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