Chaboya’s Skull and Bird Tattoos

Two skulls and candle. Chest tattoo by Nick Chaboya

Clients choose all types of thematic designs to get permanently inked on their body. And one person may think it is a great tattoo choice, and another may think, “Crazy!” Regardless of subject matter, I can say that tattooer Nick Chaboya is good at his craft. His work has a smooth aerosol paint quality and three-dimensionality. The image above shows an interesting chest piece, which has a mix of artistic styles, from graffiti to traditional still life and Mexican art.

three skulls on arm by Nick Chaboya
Crow tattoo on shoulder by Nick Chaboya Scary doll face with big eye. Tattoo by Nick Chaboya Owl on Shoulder. Tattoo by Nick Chaboya Hand on Face Tattoo by Nick Chaboya
Photos © Nick Chaboya

Via Tattoo Culture Magazine
Adriana de Barros

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