Art Painting Portraits

Painting with Emotion

Blindsided painting by Carina Crenshaw

This week, I had the opportunity to speak with German visual artist Carina Crenshaw. She recently finalized new oil paintings like the example above, titled “Blindsided.” Crenshaw generally works on several art pieces at once, i.e. waiting for a layer of paint to dry on one, and then working on another. So it may take up to 3 weeks to conclude an image on canvas. What is interesting is that she doesn’t plan out her concepts, and admits that she likes: “Exploring the balance between keeping and losing control.” Which gives more spontaneity to her art method.  Also, I tried to find out what her portraits were really about, and she explained: “It’s never about a concrete message or a statement, it’s more a result of the emotions I had during the process.”

I Know It's True. Painting by Carina Crenshaw

Give Me Something. Painting by Carina Crenshaw

From all sides. Painting by Carina Crenshaw

Crenshaw's studio space

Artwork and photo © Carina Crenshaw