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Fine (Graffiti) Art

French Connection Close-p (ahnds ) by Maclaim

My first glimpse of Case (Maclaim)’s art was viewing online pictures of his graffiti. And in the mix, I saw some images with splendid spray paintings on canvases, like the girl with a gold horse and the carnival adolescents within post, which are part of a solo show titled “Mayfair Lady.” Now a days, it is difficult to pinhole a graf artist, because many are well-versed in different mediums, and far from the days of tagging the New York City streets in the 80s and 90s.

French Connection Mural by Maclaim

Top: Photos © Hendrik Beikirch.

From My Fair Lady Show by Maclaim

Realistic spray can painting by Maclaim

Pinnochio mural by Maclaim

Two Girls Painting by Maclaim

Photos © Maclaim

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