Top 10 Natural Landscape Reflections

Reflection landscape from Norway by Max
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A mountain is reflected in a lake, trees are mirrored to look like paint in water. What’s not to like about these picture perfect moments in nature? Most of us are busy with city life, while others are enjoying fresh air and colorful sunsets in villages and national parks. If we can’t all be in the same location at once, let’s just imagine that we are there, right now.

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Top: Photo by Max, taken in Lofoten, Norway.
A photograph by Reg Ramai.
A photograph by Reg Ramai.
Reflection Landscape. Jackson Hole. By Jeff Clow
A picture by Jeff Clow. Blue bird skies at Oxbow Bend in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
Reflection Landscape. Mount Drum, Alaska. By Dan Ransom
Photo by Dan Ransom captured in Mount Drum, Alaska.
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Cave Lake near Ely, Nevada. Reflection landscape by Nathan Dunn
A picture of Cave Lake near Ely, Nevada. By Nathan Dunn.
Reflection Landscape Mountains in Alberta, Canada. By Andreas Krause
Photo by Andreas Krause, taken in the mountains in Alberta, Canada.
Vermilion Lakes Vista by Jeff Clow
The Vermilion Lakes in Banff, Albert, Canada. Photo by Jeff Clow.
alpine lake in North Cascades National Park. Idaho. By  Tyson Poeckh
Alpine lake in North Cascades National Park. Idaho. Photo by Tyson Poeckh.
 Misurina Antorno lake, Dolomiti. Rainbow Trees reflection by Marco Carmassi
A picture by Marco Carmassi, taken at Misurina Antorno lake in Dolomiti, Italy.
Reflection Landscape by Kilian Schoenberger
Another photo at the Dolomites in Italy; by Kilian Schoenberger.
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