Graffiti: It is Time For Change

Expressive man's face, graffiti by C215
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Looking at C215’s spray paint portraits from a few years ago, it is noticeable an evolution in terms of line detail and coloring. And this just means that his stencil cutouts are much more complex. Additionally, it is intriguing that the artist shows his face in some pictures at Flickr, because most graffitists avoid that due to the illegality of their craft. Maybe it is related with C215 being well-known and already doing art shows.

P.S. It is worth checking the painted suitcase within post.

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Homeless man graffiti by C215 Kids Kissing (couple), graffiti by C215 Beautiful cat graffiti by C215 Painted Suitcase by C215 C215's Studio space
Photos © C215

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