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Homeless Man. Drawing by Rik Reimert
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Artist Rik Reimert has been a reader and active member of our Google+ community, and that has given me a chance to view his drawings over time. Speaking with Reimert, he explains that he starts sketching with pencil and then uses Rotring Rapidographs to fill in each portrait. “Every line is definitive and can’t be erased. That makes it really exciting!” He works from dark to light, and most of his images take up to 6 to 10 hours to complete. And those are just the smaller pages, if an A3, about 25 hours of pen pushing!

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Tatoo book
Benecio Del Toro. Drawing by Rik Reimert David Bowie. Drawing by Rik Reimert Christoph Waltz in Django Chain. Drawing by Rik Reimert Danny Trejo. Drawing by Rik Reimert
Artwork © Rik Reimert

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