Photography: Passion Comes First

Tree and rock. Photo by Marsel van Oosten

Marsel van Oosten has been working as a successful advertising art director, and as a way to escape the rushed deadlines and pressure, he began photographing as a hobby. Throughout the years, he had the opportunity to travel to the Serengeti to take beautiful pictures of animals, and that fueled his passion for this field even more. Five years later, Oosten makes the big decision to change his career for “the precarious life of a nature photographer, a move that demands unyielding devotion and commitment.” [1]

Iceberg. Photo by Marsel van Oosten
Tiger in yellow field. Photo by Marsel van Oosten Hole in Rock. Photo by Marsel van Oosten Pink Desert by Marsel van Oosten
1. "About Me." Retrieved on February 27th, 2012.

Photos © Marsel van Oosten

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