Paint the Land Yellow

Green and yellow landscape by Klaus Leidorf
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From minimalist to elaborate pattern landscapes, aerial archaeologist Klaus Leidorf takes stunning pictures from a bird’s eye view.

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Trees by Klaus Leidorf
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Tatoo book
Skiers on white snow by Klaus Leidorf Wavy Hill Pattern by Klaus Leidorf Trees in the Middle of Green by Klaus Leidorf Tree Pattern by Klaus Leidorf
Photos © Klaus Leidorf

Via Geocentrismo
Adriana de Barros

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Adriana is the Webby Award-winning designer, editor of Scene360 magazine, and author of "Tat'oo" book. Acquiring 20 years of writing experience in fine arts, Adriana has dedicated her time to documenting tattooists' lives and work and publishing on Inked, Skin Deep, Tattoo Life, and more. Follow the author @ Instagram and view more articles.

February 11, 2013 Art Landscape Patterns Photography