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Graffiti Church by Hense
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Atlanta based artist Hense is famous for his colorful and nonrepresentational mural installations in urban areas. With his small crew, and using acrylics, enamels and spray paints, he has graffitied this old church.

mural painted by street artist hense
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Hense painting the Church hense using spray paint in making a mural Graffiti Church by hense
Photos © Hense

Via Street Art Utopia
Shipra Jain

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Shipra Jain is an Indian-based science student who graduated from University of Delhi with a Bachelor’s degree in Physics in 2009. She received a Master’s degree in Physics from Indian Institute of Technology (Guwahati) in the year 2011 with a specialization in experimental material physics. After that she migrated to atmospheric physics and started working... Follow the author @ and view more articles.