Anamorphic Art Illusion Metal Sculpture

Extraordinary Mirror Illusions by Jonty Hurwitz

Copper Hand by Jonty Hurwitz

With an engineering degree under his belt, Jonty Hurwitz has learnt how to combine his two passions: science and art. Each one of his mirror anamorphoses “is a study on the physics of how we perceive space, and is the stroke of over 1 billion calculations and algorithms.” [1] Hurwitz makes an abstract object and projects it onto a mirror so that we can visually recognize it; in reality, that defined object doesn’t physically exist.

Close-up of copper hand by Jonty Hurwitz

Copper Hand. Anamorphic Art by Jonty Hurwitz

Anamorphic Head by Jonty Hurwitz

Anamorphic Frog by Jonty Hurwitz

1. "The Art of Jonty Hurwitz." Retrieved on February 4th, 2013.

Photos © Jonty Hurwitz

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