Twisted Matter

Skull by Robert Lazzarini
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New York based artist Robert Lazzarini is best known for his sculptures that represent everyday objects in a distorted and twisted fashion. Objects such as window panes, telephones and musical instruments are bent, torn apart, cut free, and put back together in the artist’s studio. These reconstructions have a way of disorienting our perception by flattening our field of view, and often looking less like 3-dimensional objects.

Chair by Robert Lazzarini
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Tatoo book
Window by Robert Lazzarini Telephone by Robert Lazzarini Telephone Booth by Robert Lazzarini
Artwork © Robert Lazzarini

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Tosha Albor

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Tosha is a Filipino-American artist currently based in Morocco. She has spent the last few years developing her studio practice as a full-time painter, and has recently immersed herself into the world of illustration hoping to one day get the chance to work on an entire book. She has exhibited in San Francisco, New York,... Follow the author @ and view more articles.

January 10, 2013 3D Art Sculpture Skulls