The Most Popular Posts of 2012

Photo of Open Road. The Most Popular Posts of  2012

Every year, I have tried to understand what type of content you would like to see more of on Illusion. And with feedback given through the social networks, it has been clear that drawing, tattooing, street art, and photography are the top requested categories by readers. And as I have posted within these interests, it also makes sense that many of the highly viewed articles would be within these fields.

Starting the new year, I am excited to focus on art as a positive and inspiring outlet during this difficult recession. Some of the plans for the year include: launching a website redesign this month, improving the layout for tablets and smartphones, and essentially welcoming new writers to have different points of view, and of course more updates.

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Stop-motion Magic

1. Stop-motion Magic

Illustration by Marynn

2. Wild Child

You Must Face Reality - Anamorphic lettering

3. You must Face Reality!

Hyperrealist portrait of girl by Amy Robins.

4. Eyes and Freckles

Sketches for Tattoos by Drew Romero

5. Tattoos: If I Could Turn Back Time

Skull (Graffiti) by Txemy

6. Graffiti: Colorful Influences from the Past

Rainbow color tattoo by Megan Hoogland

7. Hoogland’s Tattoo Art

A Hand Banana Split by Ray Massey

8. The Unique Banana Split

Figurative painting by Lou Ros

9. Life is Not Perfect

The artwork statest: I'm sorry that I left a photocopy of my genitalia on your desk. I mistakenly thought you might be impressed.

10. Are You Sorry for All the Bad Things You’ve Done?

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