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Top 5 Landscape Photos – Editor’s Picks

Photography by Matt Anderson

It is difficult to choose just five landscape photos from all of the features at Illusion. However, I have selected images that were special or amazing to me. And to my knowledge none of these pictures were digitally edited.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles…
(Top) I love this layered composition. Photographer Matt Anderson was obviously positioned in the right spot, and he was able to beautifully unify these triangle shapes.

Landscape photo (aurora) by Tony Prower

Rainbow Aurora in Iceland
It is a perfectly balanced and pretty picture, which almost seems too good to be true. But gorgeous scenery does exist, and some artist go to great lengths to capture it… like Tony Prower.

Photography by Sverrir Thorolfsson

Yet, another great photo from Iceland! The clouds look like a big explosion or the tsunami is coming. It reminds me of the end-the-world movies. The composition is simple with two triangles (hot and cold colors) connected into one rectangle. A beautiful image by Sverrir Thorolfsson.

Photo by Eric Cahn

Rainbow Sunset
I like minimalist art, and I believe less is sometimes more. This photo is an example of that, and it is part of a series entitled “Sky” by Eric Cahan. The sun’s color and the gradient background are surreal like a Dali painting.

Storm photo by Mitch Dobrowner

The Monster in the Sky
Is it a hand or foot coming out of the sky? The storm is powerful and intimidating. I have always been fascinated with tornadoes and hurricanes, clearly viewing them at far, and without harming people. But sometimes mother nature is angry, and Mitch Dobrowner has been able to capture that.

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