Art Best of 2012

Top 5 Art Posts – Editor’s Picks

Darren frisina

I have selected five posts from 2012 that really made me say “Wow.”

Popping out of the Sketchbook
I recall looking at the ladder drawing (at top) and imagining how it was executed, and why I hadn’t come up with this idea first? It looks so simple, but it is elaborate to create anamorphic art. Illustrator Darren Frisina doesn’t have a lot of these 3D images in his portfolio, but the few that are displayed, are outstanding!


Amazing Staple Art
The artist Baptiste Debombourg used many thousands of staples to create an exhibition series entitled, “Agony in the Garden.” His work is very creative in how he used the material, and it is clearly painstaking to produce large-scale artwork like this. If I were to try to re-create his work, I would end up flaring up the tendinitis in my arm and hands. So kudos to Debombourg for his consistent stapling!

white deer

Madly in Love
I particularly like this drawing with two different coloring techniques, because it enhances the storyline of the two lovers. It reminds me of the movie “Ghost” (1990).

Wearable wool

Wool Landscapes
Although the digital era is wonderful and it brings new forms of artistic expression, I still enjoy hand-made stuff. Artist Lisa Jordan made these wool brooches that have a type of mirror effect if you are out in the woods. And essentially, the items make great collector’s pieces.

isaac cordal

Shadow art on Sidewalks
I am a big fan of shadow art, and there have been some interesting features on Illusion such as “Amazing Shadow Art,” and “Shadow Play.” But I wouldn’t have imagined that molding a grid of a cooking strainer would create a face? Issac Cordal’s has taken shadow art to new levels, and it is brilliantly minimalist and adapted to street art.

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