Did you Mail me a Postcard?

Postcard portrait by Amir Zainorin (3)
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Artist Amir Zainorin has made a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and George Washington from postcards. His work relates to global communication and the current socioeconomic crisis. The images were done with “postcards collected from different places such as restaurants and culture houses in Denmark, given for free. Not so long ago we had to pay money for these postcards, but due to a faster and more reliable system of communicating such as e-card, these postcards seems to be a ‘thing of the past,’ and now used as a form of advertisement or propaganda,” [1] states Zainorin.

Postcard portrait by Amir Zainorin (4)
Tatoo book
Tatoo book
Postcard portrait by Amir Zainorin (2) Postcard portrait by Amir Zainorin (1)
1. "Post Card to George." Amirzainorin-artislife.blogspot.com. Retrieved on October 14th, 2012.

Photos © Amir Zainorin 

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