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Artwork by Michael Mapes (1)

Artist Michael Mapes combines a bit of science with art for his “human specimen” series. He takes his own photographs, and then dissects and composes the pieces into box frames. Within each casing, he generally includes “hundreds of photographic samples and ‘personal/biographical DNA’ such as eyelashes, fingernails, fingerprints, dried tears, pet hair, botanical material, and family matter.” [1] Everything Mapes collects is placed into plastic bags, glass vials, magnifying boxes, Petri dishes, and other scientific materials. It almost sounds like he is part of the CSI team.

Artwork by Michael Mapes (6) Artwork by Michael Mapes (3)
Artwork by Michael Mapes (2) Artwork by Michael Mapes (4) Artwork by Michael Mapes (5)
1. "Michael Mapes' Incredible Photographs Of Dissected Human Specimens." Huffington Post. May 5, 2012. Retrieved on May 23, 2012.

Photos © Michael Mapes

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