Woven or Painted?

Painting by Caroline Larsen (2)
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I had a chance to speak with artist Caroline Larsen who has launched a new painting collection that resolves around the theme of ships. Her art technique is known for its “woven” appearance which is made with oil paint. She explains how she came up with this artistic approach: “I was inspired by pointillism and I have always been attracted to super thick paintings. In art school, I would experiment with all sorts of ways to apply paint, and the decoration tips really stood out! I also have a background in ceramics, so making paintings that are super thick just came natural.”

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Tatoo book
Tatoo book

Painting by Caroline Larsen (1) Painting by Caroline Larsen (4) Painting by Caroline Larsen (3)
Artwork © Caroline Larsen
Adriana de Barros

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May 17, 2012 Art Painting