Film Director Honored with Sock Art

Sock portrait by Hong Yi (4)
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Two months ago I featured Hong Yi’s “Coffee Stained Portrait,” and now she has finalized another image using socks and bamboo sticks. Black, grey and white socks are arranged to compose the face of Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou, who is known for movies such as “Hero” (2002) and “House of Flying Daggers” (2004). “Many of his movies reflect the beauty of the Chinese culture, through the use of bamboos and traditional costumes. I thought Zhang Yimou’s portrait done in a Shanghainese laneway with bamboo and laundry would be perfect for this project. I ended up using 750 pairs of socks because shirts were too big and expensive, plus I found an interesting way to pin the socks together, creating a diamond-shaped piece of skin,” [1] states Yi.

Sock portrait by Hong Yi (1)
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Sock portrait by Hong Yi (2) Sock portrait by Hong Yi (3)
1. "Zhang Yimou portrait...made of bamboo sticks, pins and...socks?!" April 10, 2012.

Photos © Hong Yi

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