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Reflecting on Change

Art installation by Rob Mullholland (2)

Although this alien-type figure would probably scare most people out of the woods. In reality, it represent a human form which is part of a series of art installations by sculptor Rob Mullholland. His main project “Vestige” represents people from the past, communities that once inhabited this location. They are mirrored because they “absorb” their environment and reflect landscape changes to the forest.

Notes by the artist: [1]

In Vestige I wanted to explore this relationship further by creating a group, a community within the protective elements of the woods, reflecting the past inhabitants of the space.

Before the First World War this area of Scotland was open hillside with small sheep farming Crofts [farms] and rural communities. The crofters were moved to other land by the government as there was a desperate need for timber after the war, the area was planted with fast growing conifer trees suitable for harvesting softwood and the landscape altered once again.

You can still see the some faint outlines of the crofts and past settlements within the forest, this intrigued me and I wanted to find a visual form that would represent the past inhabitants of this land.

Art installation by Rob Mullholland (3)

Art installation by Rob Mullholland (1)

Art installation by Rob Mullholland (4)

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Photos © Rob Mullholland

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