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Delicate Feather Art

Feather art by Ian Davie (4)

Artist Ian Davie paints directly on swan feathers. His inspiration comes from “[…] sightings of wildlife, views of habitat or the effects of changing light, seasons and weather, often combined to create the ideal composition.” [1]

Notes by Davie about his work: [2]

Painting directly onto feathers brings with it a number of challenges; extensive feather preparation, sympathetic compositions for a small vertical canvas area, delicate brushwork directly onto the feather and careful framing. However painstaking the process, I consider the result to be worth every effort. I always feel a sense of pride and joy when I have created a finished painting from the blank white canvas of a feather. Although I sometimes feel a pang of regret when one goes, I console myself when I see the joy others get from looking at them.

Feather art by Ian Davie (2)

Feather art by Ian Davie (3)

Feather art by Ian Davie (1)

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Photos © Ian Davie

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