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Colorful Sand Mandalas on City Sidewalks

Sand painting by Joe Mangrum (2)

It would probably be simpler to draw these organic patterns on the ground with chalk, however, artist Joe Mangrum prefers to use sand as his medium. His inspiration comes from daily life, e.g. from a spectator’s comment to the type of weather that day. And the incredible part is that Mangrum improvises all of his designs.

Notes about the artist (from bio):

[…] An alumnus of The Art Institute of Chicago, Joe began his training as a painter and moved toward installations of found objects, while traveling abroad. He continues to explore multiple mediums and materials in his work.

Many of Joe’s recurring themes explore our relationship to modern life juxtaposed with our organic natures and desires for freedom. Joe examines the indomitable power of creation in relation to the grid of imposed structures of cities and hegemonies of power constructs. He often employs the use of iconographic and spiritual forms such as the mandala and the pyramid in surprising configurations. Joe’s inspiration is served by the challenge of maintaining a complex dialogue with the viewer encapsulated by our current world of affairs.

Sand painting by Joe Mangrum (4)

Sand painting by Joe Mangrum (6)

Sand painting by Joe Mangrum (5)

Sand painting by Joe Mangrum (1)

Sand painting by Joe Mangrum (3)

Top: Photo © Laughing Squid.

Sand painting by Joe Mangrum (7)

Photos © Joe Mangrum

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