Exploded Cloud at Crater Lake

Photo by Jogn Wimberley (1)
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The photographic work of John Wimberley.

Notes about the artist (from bio):

John Wimberley was born in Bermuda during 1945 and currently lives in southern Oregon. His first photographs were of flight operations on aircraft carriers upon which he served during the Viet Nam war. Following his discharge in 1967, John documented the Hippie culture in San Francisco.

While photographing a group of trees in 1969, the first of a series of deeply transformative experiences occurred. Afterwards, John realized that although photography records the physical appearance of things, to be successful his photographs would need to convey much more. To better understand and facilitate the realization of this insight, he began long-term studies of religion, mysticism and psychology.

Although completely self-taught, John’s first one-man show in 1973 prompted Artweek to write: “The first thing that one is made aware of is that the photographer, John Wimberley, is a craftsman of the highest order. His prints are not merely technically correct, but wonderfully alive.” Unhappy with commercially available photographic chemistry, John performed years of research that resulted in two pyrogallol film developers that are still sold by The Photographer’s Formulary. His work initiated the current renaissance of the use of pyrogallol, and he became a sought-after expert in black and white film development chemistry and techniques. Since then John has achieved world-wide recognition as one of contemporary photography’s finest technicians. He became a popular workshop teacher and lecturer.

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Photos © John Wimberley

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