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Painter Christopher Stott “takes his cues from various eras of art including the interiors of Vermeer, the still life of Chardin to the realism of Thiebaud. With the addition of retro, vintage and antique objects like rotary telephones, typewriters, electric fans, and alarm clocks, he links the old with the new and applies a subtle narrative to his work, often with a quiet sense of humor.” [1]

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Notes about the artist (from bio):

After earning a BFA with High Honors and a Distinguished Exhibition in 2003 from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, Stott worked in photography in the fine art department at that university. Being immersed in the rapidly changing and technical world of photography, he left to pursue the painting studio, where the digital world was shut out and the tradition of oil painting honored. For the next several years, he studied and practiced, building and perfecting his skills, and continues to do so with a prolific studio career.

Christopher Stott (1)
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