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Geometrical Rope Graffiti

Moneyless (4)

The outdoor art interventions of Moneyless.

Notes about the artist [1]:

“I [Moneyless] spent ages doing graffiti, painting trains in yards and covering with color every surface, putting my name everywhere. Then I got to a stage where that approach to me looked like leading to an exaggerate proximity with advertisement. But the world was flooded by it.
It was a nonsense for me to keep on adding chaos to chaos”. The chaos of the concrete jungle. Graffiti has been and is an essential element on which the artist’s attitude lays its foundations. It’s something that has been Moneyless’ life companion since he was 13 and it still is. But leaving behind the burden of fat caps and throw ups, the artist started to sublimate his graffiti, a process made by conceptual subtraction and material removal, that led him literally to strip the flesh from his body of writing. Even if he was still tagging Moneyless, yet developing a geometrical style, he felt like the tag lost its interest and it was pointless for him to push a name. What he’d been doing for years was to him like running into a dead end: “I wanted to push concepts through my work, something that could go beyond”.

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1. Valietti, Serena. "Moneyless. 3. To put to rout all that was not life." 2010. Retrieved on November 11th, 2011.

Photos © Moneyless

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