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The Big Lebowski Matryoshka Dolls

Ginger Williams (2)

“Nesting Dolls” is an artistic series by Ginger Williams.

Top: “The Big Lebowski.”

Notes by the artist (from Williams’ website):

I am a painter with many different styles and am astounded by the recent success of the Golden Girls nesting dolls. All of the nesting dolls seen have been produced in a short amount of time and were only an alternative means to promote my solo exhibition at the MS Arts Center on September 9th, in Jackson, MS. Since then, I’ve been blogged and reblogged and am embarking on different media segments. I am actually writing this only an hour after seeing my segment on MSNBC, and words cannot describe the feeling this brings me. I still have all of the nesting dolls, including those famous Golden Girls that we all treasure. As far plans right now, I am still planning to have them at my show in Jackson, MS, in a silent auction. Unless Sweet Betty White contacts me and wants to buy them from me, that’s the plan for now!

Ginger William (7)

“The Golden Girls.”

Ginger Williams (6)

“My Favorite Artists: Matisse, Picasso, Hirschfeld, Modigliani, Neel.”

Ginger Williams (4)

“Jackson 5ive.”

Ginger Williams (1)

“Guns n Roses.”

Ginger Williams (5)

“Karate Kid.”

Ginger Williams (3)

“True Blood.”
Photos © Ginger Williams

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