Do You Want to Grow a Beard?

Beardfolio (7)

“Beardfolio” is a photographic series by Matthew Rainwaters.

Top: “Karl takes this seriously, how else do you end up with a world champions imperial beard?”
Beardfolio (2)
“Burke is a former full beard / styled mustache champoin and a pizza delivery pro.”
Beardfolio (4)
“$teven and his beard Prepostero!”
Beardfolio (3)
“Jerem really is an Alaskan, the whaler bit is still in question.”
“Beard lover + tennis racket = Bjorn Borg / Richie Tenenbaum.”
Beardfolio (6)
“Ryan knows how to weld about as well as he can grow facial hair.”
Beardfolio (5)
Photos © Matthew Rainwaters

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