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The amazing skin art of Mike DeVries. He is considered one of the best tattooists in the world.

Notes about the artist (from bio):

Born and raised in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley. I received my first tattoo when I was 16 years old. That event opened the window to a whole new world for me. I’ve always been into art, I’ve loved everything about it! I always had a fondness for the realism style and would explore tattoo magazines during my early years, amazed at the portraiture work done by some of the great black and grey artists.

As my own tattooing skills progressed I realized that I found my niche with color realism. Constantly advancing, refining and polishing this craft keeps me extremely busy and motivated to continue climbing to the next level. A glimpse through my portfolio reveals my preference for “anything realistic;” notably, the array of wildlife, and portraits of movie stars & rock stars. While I do enjoy mixing things up and incorporating various aspects of the style I work within, it is certain that my forte will always remain within the realism genre.

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Mike DeVries working at his studio.
Photos © Mike Devries

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