Illustrating with Thread and Pins

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The images within post are from various art installations and projects by Debbie Smyth. View more of the artist’s work at her blog.

Notes about Smyth (from bio published at New British Artists):

Debbie Smyth graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Contemporary Textiles in 2008. She has exhibited widely since then, selling her work to the public as well as being commissioned for a number of corporate projects from the New York Times to the Dorchester.

Her playful yet sophisticated artworks are created by stretching a network of threads between accurately plotted pins. Leaving loose threads implies movement in the picture and Debbie has a keen eye for storytelling in a simple, contemporary manner. She documents the everyday from walking the dog and birds on telephone wires to well known sayings.

Debbie also undertakes large scale installation pieces, the threads of her compositions stretching from one wall to another, from floor to ceiling. These unique illustrative works lend themselves to architectural spaces, exhibitions and corporate headquarters.

Tatoo book
Tatoo book
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Artwork © Debbie Smyth

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