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The latest street art of Mentalgassi has been displayed at galleries and festivals in Spain.

See also: “Fence Flip Graffiti.”

Top: Artwork on display for GETXOPHOTO 2010.
“Metal Head” is a series of images glued over recycling bins, which were made for GETXOPHOTO 2010.
These ticket machines (one with collage) were showcased at Sala B galley in Barcelona.
Tatoo book
Tatoo book
mentalgassi_04 mentalgassi_03
“Flip Images” were displayed at Sala B galley. The photos are cut into strips, and depending on the angle you can view two different visuals. E.g. (top) side A and (bottom) side B.
“Caravan” for GETXOPHOTO 2010.
“Bubble Heads” were made for GETXOPHOTO 2011.
Photos © Mentalgassi

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