Have you Tasted the McForest?


Sarah Illenberger’s artistic creations are always clever and interesting.

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Top: “McForest,” for Sideways/Die Gestalten Verlag. Photo © Ragnar Schmuck.
Icon Remixer/The Dunk,” for Nike. Photo © Andreas Achmann.
Left: “Hochgekocht,” for NEON magazine. Photo © Sarah Illenberger. Right: “Heilpflanzen,” for SZ-Magazine. Photo © Ragner Schmuck.
Evolutions Kampagne,” for FSB/Shindler Parent Identity. Photo © Attila Hartwig.
Left and right: “10 Jahre Viagra,” for Vanity Fair. Photos © Andreas Achmann.
s_illenberger_04 s_illenberger_05 s_illenberger_06
Art Car,” for Smart/K-MB. Created in collaboration with Cartondruck.
Photos © Sarah Illenberger

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Adriana de Barros

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September 11, 2011 Art Design Recycled