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“Running the Numbers I: An American Self-Portrait” and “Running the Numbers II: Portraits of Global Mass Culture” are thought provoking art series about pollution and its consequences to our Planet’s environment. Artist Chris Jordan “[…] visually examines these vast and bizarre measures of our society, in large intricately detailed prints assembled from thousands of smaller photographs.” [1]

Top: Venus, 2011. 60 x 103″ in one panel, and 8 x 13 feet in three panels.
“Depicts 240,000 plastic bags, equal to the estimated number of plastic bags consumed around the world every ten seconds.”
chris_jordan_02 chris_jordan_01
Gyre, 2009. 8 x 11 feet in three vertical panels.
“Depicts 2.4 million pieces of plastic, equal to the estimated number of pounds of plastic pollution that enter the world’s oceans every hour. All of the plastic in this image was collected from the Pacific Ocean.”
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chris_jordan_05 chris_jordan_06
Gyre II, 2011. 44 x 56″ and 60 x 76″.
“Depicts 50,000 cigarette lighters, equal to the estimated number of pieces of floating plastic in every square mile in the world’s oceans.”
chris_jordan_03 chris_jordan_04
Caps Seurat, 2011. 60 x 90″ in one panel, and 88 x 132″ in 3 panels.
“Depicts 400,000 plastic bottle caps, equal to the average number of plastic bottles consumed in the United States every minute.”
1. Jordan, Chris. "Running the Numbers: An American Self-Portrait (2006 - Current)." www.chrisjordan.com. 2008.

Artwork and photos © Chris Jordan
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