Knitted Ferrari

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Using 12 miles of yarn, artist Lauren Porter has crafted a life-size Ferrari.

Top: Photo © Fizban of Ad Gefrin

Notes from the artist’s statement:

By using craft as an art form I am provided with rich social and historical connotations crucial to the work I produce.

I created a Ferrari because it is instantly recognisable and the opposite of what people expect from something that is knitted. Bringing binary opposites together results in the work becoming appealing to a mixture of audiences. I want as many people as possible to see and enjoy my work — including those who wouldn’t ordinarily go to an art gallery. […]

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Tatoo book
Photos © Bettylicious Knits
lporter_02 lporter_04
Top: Photo © Fizban of Ad Gefrin
lporter_03 lporter_05
Top: Photo © Fizban of Ad Gefrin
Artwork and all other photos © Lauren Porter

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April 2, 2011 Art Automobiles Knitting