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These are really interesting illustrations because they are done with thread stitching on paper. All artwork by Peter Crawley.

Notes about “Stitched Illustrations” (from Crawley’s website):

All illustrations are created by piercing 420gsm watercolour paper with a pin and then stitching the paper with cotton thread.

The first piece was inspired by a road trip across America, and wanting to illustrate the journey. Inspiration was taken from the fine line detailing present in cartography, the bold route markers of road maps and silk maps.

Stitched Illustration subject areas to date have included architecture, typography and geometric patterns.

Top: 55 Broadway, black cotton thread on white watercolour paper (420gsm), 594 x 420mm.
Tatoo book
Tatoo book
Lines and Lines, 6804 pierced holes and 3402 stitched black lines on white watercolour paper (420gsm), 400 x 400 mm.
p_crawley_06 p_crawley_07
Colour Wheel, 24 coloured threads on white watercolour paper (420gsm), 400 x 400 mm.
January, coloured cotton thread on white watercolour paper (420gsm), 420 x 297 mm.
Architectual Reflections, black cotton thread on white watercolour paper (420gsm), 420 x 594mm.
Artwork © Peter Crawley

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