Filip Fabian’s Watercolor Tattooing in San Francisco

watercolor, painting style tulip by Filip Fabian, san francisco, blue and black studio
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Slovakian-born Filip Fabian got into tattooing at the age of 16 because of his cousin, who had a tattoo studio. Eager to get started, he bought a $20 coil machine and tried inking a rose on himself, but the device broke down. With practice, better tools, apprenticeships, and many guest spots, he became a professional in 2010.

Fabian studied art at the Technical University of Kosice, becoming interested in Basquiat and Rothko; the latter artist commented that “Shapes have no direct association with any particular visible experience.” Although inspired by the spontaneity of these painters, Fabian explained that “I also work with shapes. I love anatomy, geometry, and forms that blend into the abstract without losing their meaning.”

Having been a resident tattooist at Prague’s “Tribo Tattoo & Piercing” and Bondi-Beach-Sydney’s “Kaleidoscope Studio,” Fabian is currently working at Black + Blue Tattoo Studio in San Francisco.

abstract face watercolor tattoo
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flower tattoo on arm, painting style, by filip fabian, black and blue studio bird color tattoo on arm, by filip fabian, sketch style nature leaf watercolor tattoo on arm by fill_tat sketch style tattoo, woman, color ink by Fill_tat, filip fabian crane bird tattoo painting style by filip fabian, san francisco
Photos © Filip Fabian

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