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Tattoo Love: Photography by Kaja Gwincinska

Offline tattooist and fiance, couple, photography, fine art

Known for her photographic work of “Faces of the Future”(curated by Hanumantra), Polish-Brit Kaja Gwincinska has focused on capturing the essence of tattooed people through her lens. In this photoshoot, she depicts the NR Studio tattooist Offline, and says, “Paul [Offline], has a kind and loving nature, and balanced approach to life.” Some of these images include Offline’s fiancé Nadia Nardelli—the NR Studio manager.

Gwincinska’s strong connection to her subject matter has much to do with Offline being her tattooer of choice; “I felt with tattoo #1 that he would be the person to cover my whole body.” Both his technique and personality mesmerize her. She comments, “I started looking at my body as a canvas that will one day be a living masterpiece despite years of feeling ashamed due to the large body size I struggle with.”

Tattoo artist Offline in the UK, fine art photography

Paul Offline tattooist, photography

beautiful photo by kaja gwincinska

back tattoo, blackwork sleeves, photography

photo of tattooist offline, in the UK

offline and fiance, romantic couple, tattooed

Photos © Kaja Gwincinska