Xoïl: A Rare Appearance at the London Tattoo Convention

tattooing xoil at london tattoo convention

Scene360 had the honor of meeting and filming Xoïl in a rare appearance at the 14th International London Tattoo Convention. This Frenchman has stood the test of time as a “tattoo artist,” pushing the boundaries of the field and not conforming to the mainstream. In youth, Xoïl was inspired by the modern paintings of Sergio Ferro—stating that Ferro “would just splatter things, and there’d always be something beautiful in the middle of all the mess.” Beyond the apparent chaos and abstraction, Xoïl has also created that treasure through his artistic expression—not only in tattooing, but graphically for album covers and cars, and even with his passionate collecting of oddities and antiques at flea markets. Even his own body is a work-of-art, fully inked with visual memories.

stencil bear tattoo on arm

tattoo artist xoil from france, at london tattoo convention

bear tattoo

Tattoo Art © Xoil
Photos and video production © Scene360