Darkness: The Tattoo Art of Kamil Mocet

Tattooist Kamil Mocet, horror demon design on back, london tattoo convention

We spent three days at the 13th International London Tattoo Convention, one of our missions was filming Kamil Mocet as he tattooed a massive back piece on his client Johnathan Kelso. It took him 21-painstaking-hours to finish the composition of a demonic creature on skin; the work impressed the London-event judges as they awarded Mocet with third place for “Best of Show.” The artist mentioned that he was changing his portfolio, focusing on dark and expressive subject matters, as he was tired of his past creations “of high-polished tattoos without character and personality.”

plastic wrap on tattoo, kamil mocet, london tattoo convention, tobacco dock
Johnathan Kelso, demonic tattoo on back, big tattoo epic size tattoo on back, london tattoo convention, dark art
Tattoo artwork © Kamil Mocet
Photos and video © Scene360
Adriana de Barros

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