TTTism Presents the 15th Annual Bay Area Tattoo Convention

Head tattoo by Mary Joy from tattoo city, ed hardy shop

The highly awaited Bay Area Tattoo Convention (presented by TTTism) was held on the weekend of May 16 to 18 at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Burlingame, three-minutes away from the San Francisco airport. Many tattooists in the Bay Area were ecstatic to be attending and  bragging about it in their studios because of how challenging it was to get invited in. As a result Scene360 was looking forward to seeing it too, after consecutively covering expos in California like the Golden State, Santa Cruz, Frenso, Feather Falls, Santa Rosa, and more. Although each event had its differential highlights, the Bay Area one was calmer in terms of music played on speakers in the conference room, which caused less distraction to spectators and more focus on tattooing in the booths. Similar to other US shows it displayed primarily local tattooers and the American traditional style, and in our opinion, it shined for bringing in illustrious tattooists such as Charlie Cartwright, Jack Rudy, Kari Barba, Tim Hendricks, Lindsey Carmichael and Chuey Quintanar.

Above: Spectacular head tattoo by Mary Joy Scott from Ed Hardy’s Tattoo City.

Tattooist Mikey Brannon, Sang Bleu Los Angeles

Sang Bleu Los Angeles’s resident artist Mikey Brannon busy on Saturday tattooing various clients.

chest tattoo, Tattooist Mikey Brannon, Sang Bleu Los Angeles

Close-up of start chest piece by Mikey Brannon.

clay gibson tattooist at the burlingame event

Black ink + minimalism is LA-based tattooist Clay Gibson’s preference.

floral blackwork by Rose & Thorn Tattoo, san francisco, with saniderm on arm

Floral linework by Rose & Thorn Tattoo. Adhesive bandage (Saniderm) over tattoo to protect and heal it.

leland gomez tribal tattoo, tattoo expo in san francisco

Hawaii-based Leland Gomez finishing the rest of his client’s tribal sleeve he started a year ago.

giorgiodeduesanti tattooing colleague dealwithdolphin's profile picture Delph musquet /dealwithdolphi, sang bleu

Sang Bleu London’s Delph Musquet gets another feel for pain as he gets tattooed by his colleague Giorgio.

LINDSEY H. CARMICHAEL CTF and tim hendricks (miami ink) tattooing at expo

Representing the Classic Fullerton studio: Lindsey H. Carmichael (left) and Tim Hendricks (right).

Tim Hendricks (miami ink) tattooing client at event

Renowned tattoo artist Tim Hendricks at the Bay Area event.

adriana de barros (scene360) and charlie cartwright (tattoo legend)

Scene360 editor Adriana de Barros spending quality-time with legendary tattooer Charlie Cartwright.

tattoo event, spectators, bay area, burlingame, california

The event was held in the beautiful SF Hyatt Regency hotel.
Photos © Scene360