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Daniel Matsumoto Tattoos at the Old Crow Studio in Oakland

daniel matsumoto in oakland, oldcrowtattoo studio

After WWII, Daniel Matsumoto’s grandparents emigrated from Japan to Brazil, where the family settled. Later Matsumoto left his hometown of Brasilia, backpacking and tattooing along the way. He has done guest spots in shops in Bogota, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Berlin, Hamburg, Barcelona, ​​Chicago, and more locations like Oakland where Scene360 caught up with him at the Old Crow Tattoo studio. For over seven hours he inked a dragon in black pigment on the ribs and back of his client Jiapei Chen. There were few intervals, some for the addition of numbing cream on the client’s sore ribs and belly. As the day wore on we continued video documenting Matsumoto’s work; our filming was purposely done in vertical framing for phone viewers, which can be seen on Scene360’s IGTV.

freehanding tattoo, japanese style, dragon on ribs, tattoo studio coverage

dragon on ribs, blackwork tattoo by omze, california

tattooing in oakland studio, scene360 coverage

tattooist matsumoto blackwork at oldcrowtattoo in oakland, california

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