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The 28th Annual Santa Rosa Tattoos & Blues

Above: Oakland-based tattooer Matt Leibowitz from Old Crow studio.

Resulting in one of our favorite expos in the Bay Area so far, Santa Rosa & Blues is one of the longest running tattoo shows in the United States. Located at the historical Flamingo resort that formerly accommodated Hollywood star Jayne Mansfield in the 1960s. The event’s new ownership (since 2017) by long-time friends Daniel Dorsett and Daat Kraus were committed to emphasizing the American traditional style in the large conference room with a 70-year retrospective of legend Lyle Tuttle who was there signing autographs, in addition to over 100 artists. All of them were hand-picked by Kraus who stated maintaining a selective numbers of creatives and booths to keep the quality level high.

Above: Oakland-based tattooer Matt Leibowitz from Old Crow studio.

donny newman drawing an asian style tattoo on paper, santa rosa & blues event

One of the team members of SF-studio Two Cranes: Donny Newman.

snake tattoo by andy chaism

Santa Rosa native Andy Chism adding the finishing touches to the snake tattoo.

tiger rose studio

The colorful booth of Tiger Rose studio.

one of the tattoo artists from tiger rose tattoo studio, neck tattoo

Close up of tattooer from Tiger Rose studio.

new school tattoo on arm, portrait by olivia oliver, rose and thorn

Neotraditional skin art by Olivia Oliver from Rose and Thorn.

spencer harrington tattooing at santa rosa convention

American traditional by Spencer Harrington.

flower tattoo half sleeve by tyler harrington

Asian fusion flower tattoo by Tyler Harrington.

lyle tuttle and adriana de barros

Renowned tattooist Lyle Tuttle and Scene360 editor Adriana de Barros.
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