The Tattoo Expo at Feather Falls Casino in Oroville, California

tattooer Ulises-Solis at the feather falls tattoo expo

Although not a lot of people knew where Oroville was (a pleasant town north of Sacramento in California), many tattoo enthusiasts made their way there to see the Feather Falls (Casino) Tattoo Expo, organized by Chris Earl who also held the Fresno event a week ago.

Celebrities like Tommy Montoya, Ryan Ashley Malarkey and BABA were magnetic attractions for meet-and-greet with fans, which is one of the advantages of smaller expos like this one. Local and out-of-state artists filled the booths and worked non-stop with plenty of walk-ins. It was overall an action-packed, cozy event, and it helped that the Casino was part of this setup—as the latter space (a separate building) was great for dining with sushi and hand-tossed pizza available on menu.

Above: Arizona-based artist Ulises-Solis sketching some ideas for a tattoo.

large back piece by jeff picks

Elaborate back piece by Jeff Pickens from Visalia, California.

Adriana de Barros and Ryan Ashley Malarkey

Scene360 editor Adriana de Barros and event headliner Ryan Ashley Malarkey.

Coverup sleeve by tyler whitllock

Asian-style tattoo coverup by Tyler Whitlock from Ventura, CA.

thegoldentattoorose, arm tattoo at feather falls tattoo expo

At right tattooer and owner of The Golden Rose Tattoo shop in Modesto, California.

american eagle tattoo at feather falls casino

Closeup of the American bald eagle by The Golden Rose Tattoo.

color lion tattoo by jonny banxx from klockwork_tattoo_club

Colorful ink by Jonny Banxx, one of the resident artists at Tommy Montoya’s Klockwork Tattoo Club.

Before the start of the Scene360 interview with legend Tommy Montoya, at the Feather Falls event.

Before the start of Scene360’s interview with legendary tattooer Tommy Montoya, at the Feather Falls expo.

Coverup by forrest eliott at feather falls casino expo

Another large coverup, this time pigmented by Forrest Elliott.
Photos © Scene360