Tattoo Therapy: The Dotwork of Jingxi from Shanghai

abstract dotwork on back, futuristic, escher style

One of our goals at Scene360 is highlighting creative individuals who see “art as therapy,” and that is the case of Shanghai-based tattooist Jingxi who is focused on transmitting her clients’ emotions and feelings into tattoo designs placed on their bodies. Her art style may diverge, but as she says it isn’t really about the styling but more about the healing. “I was very interested in psychology and I did some study about art and psychology when in art college. I found tattooing to be a great way to deep dive into people’s feelings/fear/desires, which is my interest, and also in my point of view: the Source of Art.” She conducts these works on skin at her studio “Patch Tattoo Therapy,” which welcomes trauma victims to come in and talk to her so that she can blueprint something special for them. “Through reviewing (trauma experience)-accepting (trauma in a tattoo form), people let go some of the trauma. This reviewing-accepting process is also very important in other types of therapies,” she explains.

In addition to tattooing, Jingxi has volunteered in the Camphill communities (in Great Britain) to help the disabled achieve happiness and personal-growth through art therapy.

dotwork, abstract women's hands abstract tattoo on arm
ship on back, black and white pigments classical sculpture tattoo rate in star, linework tattoo spaceship tattoo, dotwork spaceship and deer, dotwork tattoo artist jingxi freehanding client
Photos © Jingxi / Patch Tattoo Therapy

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