The Santa Cruz Tattoo Expo Rocks!

hispanic tattoo artist at the santa crux expo
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Although it was a stormy-skied February weekend in the central coastline of California, there was immediate warmth once entering the Kaiser Permanente Arena for the Santa Cruz Tattoo Expo. The environment was pleasantly inviting for everyone—the artists, vendors, spectators and press; a well-organized event by Tom Hernandez of Tattoo Tour and Basiks Shop.

While tattoo conventions like the Golden State and NY State have brought massive crowds with their headliners, the Santa Cruz venue was one to mark on the calendar and come back again for its wonderful connection among humans—tranquil to approach the tattooists and their clients, as well as walking around with family and friends. It doesn’t end in Santa Cruz, Tattoo Tour is preparing other events in Portland, Brooklyn (NY), and San Jose.

Above: One of the Cali-based tattooers at the Santa Cruz event.
polish tattooist amy esmerald and client
The friendly artist Amy Emerald Prindle and her client getting ready to start a tattoo.
nolan hattoon tattooing client at santa cruz, kaiser permanente
Nolan Hatton came to impress by winning two awards: “Best Medium Black and Grey” and “Best Large Black and Grey.”
green haired jonny rocket tattoos, inking sleeve
The courteous Jonny Rocket (in action) with his stylish Joker-like hairdo.
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tattooer tig quest, unquestionable brooklyn tattooer at event
Brooklyn-native Tig Quest (aka The Unquestionable) was popular among spectators at the expo.
becki wilson tattooing a snake tattoo, outlining
Becki Wilson is one part of Hade Inquisition studio, the other half is Uriel Winfree who was also at the event.
Andrew Hanson tattooing a big back piece, event coverage
A Yosemite inspired back piece by Andrew Hanson.
Uriel winfree, tattoo artist
The other half of Hades Inquisition: tattooist Uriel Winfree.
work in progress, portrait tattoo by uriel winfree, from hade inquisition
Still in the outlining process, a close-up Uriel Winfree’s portrait art.
bloody money tattoos a hand, hanbd tattoo
Ryan (aka Bloodymoney Tattoos) came with a competitive mindset and won 1st place in category, “Best Small Color.”
spectators supporting mexicans from hell, tattoo fans
A close-knitted group supporting the booth, “Mexicans from Hell.”
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