An Exciting Look at the 2018 Lisbon Tattoo Rock Fest

gothic tattoo by Verónica Pereira / vero theclock, portugal
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Scene360’s focus is tattoo art not music, however, the Lisbon Tattoo Rock Fest presented great live-band shows from Sheer Terror to Bizarra Locomotiva. The event was cancelled last year but the organization came back bigger than ever with over 100 tattoo artists in the “Sala Tejo” in Altice Arena, located in a gorgeously modern area of Lisbon by the river. All of this was made possible by the main sponsoring of Harley Davidson, World Famous Ink, and Moody.

With 2.200 m2 (24746 ft2) of convention space, it welcomed many thousand of spectators to view the works of Portuguese tattooers Johnny Domus, Joao Morais and Mauro Amaral, as well as international ones like Bullet BG, Keegan Sweeney and Leo Barrachina. All in all it was not an intimate event as word of mouth had spread, but a rather large and diverse event with much to see for the affordable ticket prize.

Above: Arm tattoo by Veronica Pereira from Ponta Lima, Portugal.
mandala on arm by laura rivas
Laura Rivas is on a mission to finish this mandala for client.
mandala, blackwork, dots by keegan sweeney
Another mandala, but this one by Australian Keegan Sweeney who we had featured previously on Scene360.
leo barrachina at tattoo convention
Leo Barrachina (left), artist part of the pro-team of Tattooshop from Spain.
asia tattoo by ovbaoba tattoos, convention coverage
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A bright colored Hannya mask by Jose Rodrigues.
scary horror tattoo portrait on ribs by bulletbg
Bulgarian tattooist based in Portugal, Bullet BG, shows off his color realism skills.
venom comics, realism tattoo by Silvart
An intense “Venom” by A Silvart (the artist’s studio based in Porto).
Neck tattoo by Lorenzo, lore_nginho
Lorenzo begins shading the neck. He’s a resident artist at the oldschool “El Diablo Tattoo Club” in Lisbon.
inglorious bastards chest tattoo by gemenian cruz, graveyart, tattoo convention
Lisbon-based artist Gemeniano completes a massive black-and-grey piece at the Lisbon fest.
epic black and grey tattoo by vasco guereiro, warrior tattoo, balm tattoos
Music on headphones and 100% focused: Vasco Guereiro from Warrior Tattoo studio.
v for vedetta by bruno perdiz, convention tattoo
“V for Vendetta” in a painterly style by Bruno Perdiz.
Black and grey back tattoo by bvrnwoodz
Bvrnwoodz is already on the second day of tattooing his client’s back.
Photos © Scene360

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