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The Fun Modernist Tattoos of Carlo Amen

abstract tattoo, linework, picasso style

Lighthearted and colorful is the linework of Carlo Amen, a tattooist and co-owner of private studio Les Maux Bleus in Paris. His art is inspired by French Modernists and Spanish artist Picasso who spent most of his life in France. The 1939 cubist painting “The Weeping Woman” and 1949 line drawing “Dove of Peace” ghostly fume into the consistent tattoo style of Carlo Amen who’s expressed it on canvases too (see bottom of post). In addition to his tattooing and painting, Amen has had a good time collaborating with Guillaume Henry on their project, “Stupid Tattoo Toys.”

tattoo inspired picasso art

flower, vase and face, abstract linework tattoo

body linework tattoo

black linework

dog and abstract shapes, tattoo

faces, abstract, tattoo

kisses, tattoo

weird face tattoo

abstract paintings

Images © Carlo Amen